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A favourite among the visitors, Machaans or Tree Houses as some might prefer to call it, are made of bamboo. These are built on a pedestal and that gives it a nice vantage point. Overlooking the camp playground, one can spend an entire day relaxing on its deck. Cosy and personal, they make for an automatic choice for couples looking for a romantic getaway. At the moment, we just have a couple of machaans, so be sure to let us know of your preferences while booking with us.

Tariffs* : INR 4000 + 18.0% GST


Like Machaans, these are also made of bamboos. The interiors have been thoughtfully done. One can choose from variety of cottages, namely 2 bedded, 3 bedded or even 4 bedded. Perfect for family or people visiting in groups, each of these cottages come with an attached bathroom. Safe and secure, you are bound to experience one of the most cherished moments of moments of your life in there.

Tariffs* : 2 Bedded Cottage –  INR 3500 + 18.0% GST

4 Bedded Cottage –  INR 4500 + 18.0% GST


Tents are the most integral and common accommodation option that we have here at Ayar Jungle Camp, Nainital. Honestly, if we call ourselves a jungle camp and do not provide tented accommodation then it would be an epic failure on our part. There is a choice between 2-man tents and 4-man tents and if that feels too crowded, just ask us we might roll out our special family tents for you. Tents do not come with attached toilets and washrooms. For that purpose we have  common toilets, which are located just a short walk away. All tents come with floor bedding. For ultimate Ayar Jungle Camp experience, we recommend staying in a tented accommodation.

Tariffs* : INR 2000 + 12.0% GST

Dislaimer:- All prices are listed in European Plan and are subjected to change without prior notification.