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Around Nainital

Being a beautiful and enchanting place, offer a chance to experience amazing tranquility and calm. Situated around the alluring natural lake known as The Naini Lake, Nainital still holds an old grace with little narrow houses and twisting roads. At 1938 metres in the Kumaon hill, Nainital is a summer retreat situated in the beautiful Kumaon region of Uttranachal. It is well-known for its pear shaped lake, spectacular picnic spots and lush green landscape. It’s has an extreme striking abode of fresh and raw natural beauty. There are several places around Nainital that you can explore here.


Sat Tal

Sat Tal or Sattal, in Uttrakhand is a big name in Nainital Uttrakhand. Sat Tal is an interconnected with seven lakes named as the Panna, Sita, Bharat, Ram, Naldayamanti Tal and Sukha Tal. Moreover,Sat tal provides a panoramic view of the Himalayas and the surrounding areas which leaves the every tourist gasping in awe.

Popular Attractions:- Butterfly Museum, Methodist Ashram, SubhashDhara.


Distance:- 22.1 Km Approx

At an altitude of 550 ft, there is another awe-inspiring spot is located at a distance of 12 km from Nainital widely known as Khurpatal. It is considered to be the anglers paradise having a good harvest of fishes and clear water.

Popular attractions:- Paragliding activity and mountain biking.


Distance:- 10.3 Km Approx

Nestled in green mountains, and located at approximately 4500 feet in the Kumaon hills, Naukuchiatal offers plenty of opportunities for adventure activities such as Rappelling, Rock Climbing and etc. At Naukuchital, your peace of mind and the silence will never get disturbed.

Popular attractions:- Mukhteshwar, Almora


Distance:- 24.8 Km Approx
Bhim Tal

Bhimtal, a small hill station to be found at a distance of 22 kms from Nainital, has been given the name after one of the Pandav siblings known as Bhim. Being the biggest lake in the realm of Nainital, Bhim Tal is approximately 1710 meters larger than Naini Lake.

Popular attractions:- Folk Culture Museum, Victorian dam, Bhimeshwara.


Distance:- 20.1 Km Approx
Jim Corbett National Park

Ranks as the oldest national park in Indias, Jim Corbett National Park was initially named as Hailey National Park. It is said that visiting to Nainital is incomplete without a sneak peak to Jim Corbett National Park. This park is reckoned for its lush greenery and wide gamut of wildlife creatures.

Popular attractions:-Elephant Rides, Stay at Forest Guest House Dhikala


Distance:- 163 Km Approx
Kainchi Temple

Kainchi Temple, a great place of devotion and worshipping. This temple is famous for Lord Hanuman and is situated seventeen kilometers away from Nainital City. It is of special importance in each and every devotee’s life.

Popular attractions:- Neem Karoli Maharaj Ashram.


Distance:- 18.0 Km Approx

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